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Returned Tarsier Back Into The Wild

A few days ago, Alobi Foundation and BKSDA Sumatera Selatan (Natural Resources Conservation Agency in South Sumatera) received reports of residents posting a protected species on social media and the animal is of the Mentilin/Tarsius/Cephalopachus bancanus species endemic to Bangka. After carrying out treatment for several days at the Alobi Foundation- Wildlife Rescue Center, this very young female

Tarsier was declared ready to be returned to her habitat. The team from the Alobi Foundation, BKSDA Sumatera Selatan, Central Bangka district environmental service and HKM Bukit Pinter tonight returned this beautiful female Tarsier to its habitat.

We need to know that based on the law, Tarsier is protected. Tarsier is very easily stressed when in confinement, so they can trigger the rapid death of this species.

Never catch and imprison Tarsier and maintain their existence in the wild in Bangka Belitung.

Salam Lestari
“Alobi Wildlife Rescue Center”



Writer: Langka Sani

Editor: Kila Nurtjahya

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