In Alobi, we have worked on several animals, such as parrots, eagles, sun bear, saltwater crocodiles, pangolins, deer, tarsier, slow loris, and binturong. However, five animals have caught our attention based on our observations, examination and their current status in the field and on IUCN. They are Binturong, Pangolin, Bangka Slow Loris, Tarsier, and Sambar Deer. Thus, currently, we dedicate five conservation programs for every five animals.

Our concentration in Alobi Foundation program is to address the root causes of the animals. We also collaborate with the local people, local authorities, and academicians to achieve our goal of a sustainable and healthy environment on Bangka Island.

1.     Sambar Deer Conservation and Reproductive Program

Scientific Name          : Rusa unicolor

IUCN Status               : (VU) Vulnarable

2.      Pangolin Conservation Program

Scientific Name          : Manis javanica

IUCN Status               : (CR) Critically Endangered

3.     Binturong Conservation and Reproductive Porgram

Scientific Name          : Arctictis binturong

IUCN Status               : (VU) Vulnerable

4.     Bangka Slow Loris Conservation and Reproductive Program

Scientific Name          : Nycticebus bancanus

IUCN Status               : (CR) Critically Endangered


5.     Horsfield Tarsier Conservation and Reproductive Program,

Scientific Name          : Cephalopachus bancanus

IUCN Status               : (VU) Vulnerable