Spreading awareness through socialization to educate locals, especially the younger generation, regarding animal conservation are crucial in minimizing extinction due to poaching, illegal trade and conflicts between animals and humans. Community involvement in efforts to save animals is essential for preserving nature, especially wild animals. Therefore the Alobi Foundation has formed a socialization and education program for students and university students through educational visits to several schools from the kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school levels and several universities with the theme of the importance of conserving wild animals and their habitat.

Through conducting socialization, we expected to increase the participation of the younger generation to support wildlife conservation. The Alobi Foundation has also conducted socialization regarding warnings about poaching and wildlife trade for people living in urban areas and remote villages. We aim to increase public interest in preserving nature and significantly protect wild animals such as the endemic wild animal in Bangka Belitung Island, which is Horsfield’s Tarsier (Cephalophacus bancanus).