From 2014 to early 2021, Alobi Foundation released 7,097 animals of various species into natural habitats. These animals are animals that the BKSDA has entrusted due to legal action, surrendered by the community or animals that have been rescued from animal conflicts with humans

The animals were transferred to be rehabilitated at the Alobi Kampoeng Reklamasi Timah in Air Jangkang  After going through the rehabilitation process, the animals that will be released must go through the physical checking stage as well as the process of monitoring and observing their natural characteristics accompanied by veterinarians and the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) team.

The release were carried out in several site :

1. Menumbing Grand Forest Park (West Bangka) ± 3.334,20 ha
2. Mangkol Hill ( Central Bangka) ± 6.009,51 ha
3. Permisan Nature Tourism Park (South Bangka) ± 3.149,69 ha
4. Jering Menduyung (West Bangka) ± 3.747,44 ha
5. Munjang Mangrove Area (Central Bangka) ± 800 ha
6. Forest Rimbe Mambang (Bangka) ± 54 ha
7. Pelawan Forest (Central Bangka) ± 260 ha