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Barn Owl Back to Nature

On Monday, April 10, 2023, at 21.20 p.m, Alobi Foundation with BKSDA Sumsel released another wildlife in a protected forest area on Bangka Island. The Barn Owl namely the Common Barn Owl known as was handed over by the community member to Alobi.

Barn owl has the Latin name Tyto alba, which inclusively belongs to the Tytonidae family. Although the barn owl is not a protected specie, it  was included in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) list classified as an animal with the Least Concern status. This species is also included in CITES Appendix II (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Barn owl is easily recognized as a white owl which has a white heart-shaped face with a brown border. Easily recognizable feature of this species is the forward-facing eyes. Barn owl has a hunting strategy that is very different from other types, namely this species relies on its stealthy flight and its hearing is very sharp so that its intended prey cannot hear its movements. Barn owl also has very sensitive nighr vision so it has the ability to see in the dark to detect the presence of its prey.

Before being released, Alobi Foundation Team always conducts medical check-ups on all animals obtained either from community surrenders, confiscations, conflicts, safekeeping, and others to ensure the feasibility of these animals living in their habitat. Barn owl which has been checked by Alobi Veterinarians, is stated to be in very good health, so it will be released into its habitat.

Alobi Foundation continues to make efforts to save all animals, especially protected animals, so that they remain sustainable and do not experience extinction. This release is one of the Alobi Foundation’s efforts to continue to preserve wild animals. Barn owl release was carried out by Alobi Foundation together with Abdul Hakim from Mandai Zoo Singapore in the Mangkol forest area as its habitat.

We hope that through these activities, Alobi Foundation will be able to inspire and increase the awareness of all parties to be involved in efforts to save and preserve wild animals.

Greetings Conservation!

Save Wildlife!

Author: Trisna Rizky Martiyani, Langka Sani, Jay Lim

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