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Another Released Slow Loris by Alobi Foundation

On March 24, 2023, Alobi Foundation released another Bangka Belitung endemic slow loris, Nycticebus bancanus, into its habitat in a protected forest area on Bangka Island. The individual slow loris was named Ace by Alobi Foundation. Ace was handed over from residents to the South Sumatra BKSDA and then entrusted to Alobi Foundation to receive treatment and rehabilitation before being declared able to return to his habitat.

After rehabilitation for less than a month at PPS Alobi Babel, Kampoeng Reklamasi Timah Air Jangkang, we stated that the slow loris was ready to return to its habitat considering its physical condition and wild instincts were still very good.

Before the release, as usual, the animals are first equipped with a microchip for marking individual animals.

Slow lorises that have passed a physical check and are declared 100% in good health will be released immediately into their habitat.

This release was the 73rd time Alobi Foundation has successfully returned slow lorises to their habitat.

We hope that through these activities, Alobi Foundation will be able to inspire and increase the awareness of all parties to be involved in efforts to save and preserve wild animals.
We hope that the population of the Bangka slow loris, which is endemic to Bangka Island, will continue to survive because if this endemic species of Bangka becomes extinct, the species on earth will become extinct too.

Save Slow Loris (Nycticebus Bancanus)!

Writer : Trisna Rizky Martiyani, Guruh Jaya Wisnuwardana, Langka Sani

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