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36 Cockatoos in Iron Cages Rescued in Aru

NEWS. Quoted from Gardaanimalia, there was an attempt to smuggle 36 parrots on board the KM Logistik Nusantara 01-Jakarta sea toll ship which was successfully revealed by joint officers on Tuesday (11/4/2023). 

The officers on duty consisted of the Maluku BKSDA and the Dobo BKSDA Resort. Meanwhile, the Aru Islands Police Secretariat and the Maluku Regional Police Ditreskrimsus carried out legal proceedings. 

Reporting from Kabar Timur News, Director of Reskrimsus Polda Maluku Kombes Harold Huwae confirmed the active operation by the team.” Yes, for the case of birds in Aru, the investigation process is carried out by the Aru Regional Police, assistance by the Sub-Directorate 4 with the BKSDA team,” said Harold, on Wednesday (12/4/2023). 

The inspection was initially carried out on two ships docked at Yos Sudarso Port, Dobo, Aru Islands Regency, Maluku. The two ships are KM Perintis Irama Surabaya and KM Logistik Nusantara 01-Jakarta. The examination yielded results at 11:30 a.m. Dozens of animals were found in the room of YDG (26), a convert of 3 KM Logistik Nusantara 01-Jakarta. 

According to the development results, the team found 36 parrots alive and locked in six iron cages. There are seven yellow-crested cockatoos (Cacatua sulphurea) each in white, blue, red, and green cages. Meanwhile, six birds of the same breed in a black cage. There are also two king cockatoos with the Latin name Probosciger aterrimus in another red cage. Officers managed to secure 34 yellow-crested cockatoos and 2 king cockatoos. A total of 36 protected animals were then secured by the police and the Maluku BKSDA to be taken to the Aru Islands Police Station. 

The joint team also examined witnesses, and the owner of the bird who was a crew member (ABK) on the ship. 

News Source :, Kabar Timur News 

Editor : Trisna Rizky Martiyani 

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