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Helping baby sea turtle to hatch

Alobi Foundation along with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and PT. Timah was helping baby turtles to hatch in midnight on 31st of July 2022. We got around 2.287 eggs from the marine police in Central Bangka approximately 2 months ago. They had these eggs from the poachers who had intended to smuggle and sell these eggs to the city thus, we had been moving these eggs before they hatched 54 days ago.

These sea baby turtles is currently categorized as an critical endangered animals. From 2.287 eggs by far we got around 305 newly hatched baby turtles. We helped them out by digging carefully. We did not use any tools. We are currently waiting for another baby sea turtle to coming out every night and we are planning to release these turtles to the beach and let them find their way to the sea.

Hopefully through this activity we can increase people awarness to save sea turtle which played a vital roles in maintaining the health of the world’s ocean, and let them live freely in the sea without being threatened by poachers.

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