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Our Campaign Against Wildlife Poachers

On March 7, 2023, the Bangka Belitung Regional Police Team, along with the South Sumatra BKSDA, succeeded in thwarting efforts to smuggle wildlife, namely four palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphrodithus) and two leopard kittens (Prionailurus bengalensis) at Tanjung Kalian Harbor, West Bangka on the Monic VII ship. The South Sumatra BKSDA then secured these animals because one of these animals is a protected animal by the state. The condition of these animals was very apprehensive due to cold, hunger, and dehydration. Therefore, the South Sumatra BKSDA team entrusted these animals to PPS Alobi Babel, Kampoeng Reklamasi Timah Air Jangkang, to have intensive care.

Palm civets and leopard cats also experience stress since they get separated from their mother and get a traumatic experience during the trip. Currently, these animals receive intensive care under the supervision of a Veterinarian (Tommy) and a Biologist (Trisna) at the Alobi PPS Clinic. Alobi Foundation hopes that with intensive care, these animals will survive and live in freedom and still have the wild instinct to be released back into the wild so that they can survive and reproduce so that a good ecosystem will exist for nature.

Alobi Foundation highly appreciates the swiftness of the Babel Regional Police, especially the Special Crimes Team of the Babel Regional Police, which succeeded in thwarting the attempt to smuggle wild animals. Hopefully, this can be shock therapy for other perpetrators who have not been caught yet. And all perpetrators involved in efforts to smuggle wild animals will receive punishment according to applicable regulations. Attempts to smuggle wild plants and animals are an extraordinary crime. We hope every part can participate in efforts to save wild plants and animals.

Greeting Conservation!

Writer : Trisna Rizky Martiyani, Guruh Jaya Wisnuwardana, Langka Sani

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